Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How to do a Hand-Tied Bow on your Christmas Presents!

Warning: Photo Heavy Post! Every year there is a secret battle between my sister and I (it's probably just me though) as to whose presents look the best before we all rip them apart. This year I really wanted to make mine look special and take that extra time and care over how I present them so I decided to go for plain brown paper to wrap them in, with one accent present in a snazzier wrap but finishing them all off with a bow. I thought that I was going to have to get some sellotape involved however I rather quickly (if I do say so myself) found a knack on how to do a lovely bow using just my fair hands and I thought that I would share it with you!

You'll have to bare with my explanation of what I'm doing as although I've now found the knack I was pretty useless at explaining it to Lee (until his present was taken off him and redone by myself haha!) so hopefully the photos are fairly self explanatory! 

So to begin I taped together two similar presents together so that they didn't slip whilst I tied my bow!
I then measured out roughly how big I'd want the actual bow to be at left that amount to spare at one end.
Next I wrapped the ribbon all the way around before crossing it over in the middle, pulling the two ends in opposite directions so as to pull the bow tight and keep it central before taking my longer piece around the back and bringing it back up round to the front.
I then took my ribbon and measured it to the same length as what I had left to form my bow.
Then I snipped them off so that hopefully my boy was symmetrical.
To ensure that my bow was secure and all tied together I took my ribbon and tucked it vertically underneath the horizontal line of ribbon that I first created. This just helps to tie everything together.
I then double looped my ribbons together to ensure that it was all kept tight and secure whilst I faffed around making the bow pretty.
 I then tied my bow in the traditional way, creating two loops and knotting them together.
 Cutting off any excess ribbon to make sure that my bow was equal!
 Et Voila! The finished present!
After finishing off our entire family's presents I realised that I hadn't left any over for Lee's... But everyone else's looks pretty I hope that you'll agree!

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