Sunday, 15 December 2013

Our totally festive weekend!

This is going to be a mainly photo post as I just wanted to share with you our snaps from our totally cosy and festive weekend. It did start off with a shopping trip to Nottingham (combined haul post with Derby coming very soon!) and then with cleaning our old house ready for us to love out but then we had a lovely meal out with the in laws, a cosy night in front of the fire with all three dogs and a day at the Lincoln Christmas Market! I shall now let the photos (hopefully) speak for themselves!
Although they're a year apart in age, Harvey (right) and Archie (left) are biological brothers and whilst they may fight and get on each other's nerves sometimes, it's so cute to see them cuddled up by the fire!

Our little one having a cuddle with daddy and knawing on a bone infront of the log burner! He loves being warm and cosy!

You can NEVER normally get Harvey to sit for a nice photo with you, I think I might get one of these framed for Lee as secretly Harvey will always be his favourite (shhh don't tell Max!)

(As the big wheel started to move I was a little less poised in our photo!)

Okay so some of the photos aren't the best due to the fact that we were moving around and it's so busy you can't really stop to take a good photo! Has anyone else done anything totally festive yet?

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