Monday, 23 December 2013

#TheSkinProject - Serum

I know that I'm slightly late again but I wanted to wait until I was at my laptop to write this post instead of on my phone! If you've not heard of #TheSkinProject yet, go over to Lianne's Blog to find out more!

This week we're talking about serum, something I've only really used for the last 6 months and even then it's not been regular. I'm really struggling to keep my skin care routine in tact at the moment as it's so difficult now that I live between two houses and my stuff is all over the place! But I do try to treat my skin to a serum as least 3 or 4 times a week, it used to only ever be at night but I've recently started doing it in the morning as it surely can't hurt? My skin also desperately needs a little extra something at this time of the year!

Serum's are great stuff, you only ever need a tiny amount but they go really far and are packed full of different vitamins and ingredients that your skin will just love! Generally to be worn under your moisturiser and at first I believed that they were only to be used at night (I'm not sure if this is true but I'm breaking this rule at the moment!).

My personal favourites are my S5 Purity Serum that I cannot find for the life of me at the moment that although pricey (£44 for 30ml), always leaves me waking up with plump, smooth and balanced skin and it's lasting me foreverrrr. I also love my Harmony Multi-vit Smoothie Serum which I am using at the moment, I love it so much that although I have two bottles of it, I'm not giving the spare away! It's slightly cheaper at £22.50 but I don't feel as though it leaves my skin quite as radiant as the S5 Serum however it still does balance my skin out and give it that extra boost!

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