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13 Moments of 2013!

Soppy Post Alert, I wanted to sum up 2013 in a nice rounded way, and then compartmentalise it into a box in my brain and leave it there. It's been a very very tough year for me this year and if I'm 100% honest I'm surprised I've found 13 great times so easily! So I guess if you take one thing from this post it's that things are never as bad as they seem and there are always good times amongst the seemingly bad! Anyway, here we go, here are my best 13 memorable moments from 2013!

Kicking off January 2013 was my meeting this wonderful beast, Leo. As I've previously explained he's not technically my horse and if I'm honest with you all I haven't been since before my birthday when I had a very nasty and scary fall. But after well over a year it was fantastic to be back in the saddle and doing something that not only I enjoy but I'm also pretty good at (If I do say so myself!)
Just 2 days after we moved into our new home and on the same day that my own little Max was born, our nephew, also named Max, came into the world. His parents don't particularly want photos of him all over the Internet so this may be one of only two that you will see for a long while. He really brings everything in perspective and whenever I see him I'm left with a beaming smile for hours after!
 Skip forward to February and this little blog was started! This photo was actually taken in around March time but I remember it well as I'd just bought the Rimmel Apocalips and rushed to my car to apply it in the rear view mirror and I kind of thought "Gosh I really am getting into all of this make up lark!". I've never enjoyed anything as much as I do blogging and I'm so thankful that any of you take the time to read it!
Oops sorry for the lopsided photo! March also brought my return to work after 3 months of being unemployed and quite frankly pretty miserable. Although at first I went into a job that I hated and should never have accepted in the first place it has lead to a wonderful career that I am now started and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for that decision. This photo also shows how supportive Lee has been throughout this year, this wasn't the only note that I've received in my lunchbox!
 Summer time brought with it a whole lot of ups and downs but the highlight of the season for me was going for long, long hacks on Leo with Max and Lee walking alongside me. Improving my riding and mainly galloping ability and just being surrounded by complete and utter bliss. My man, my dog, my horse and the burning hot sun. What more could I have ever wished for?
July! The Races! This is the first nice photo of my sister in years and certainly since we've both been grown ups. This was taken at my Cousin's Hen-Party in the middle of July and it was a wonderful day spent at Newmarket Race Course. I've definitely caught the racing bug and we've planned to attend more meets in 2014. Partially because I won 5/6 races haha!
With a Hen-Party you invariably get a wedding and what a beautiful one it was, I still don't have any photos from the actually day itself as I've left the disc at my sisters but It was a wonderful day. Bittersweet as the Bride (My Cousin)'s Mum (My Aunt on my Mother's Side) and Elder Brother is unfortunately no longer with us but it was handled tactfully in my Uncle's speech and Michelle was radiant and glowing throughout the whole day. It was also lovely to see my whole family dressed up and we got some photos that I know I'll cherish forever.
Autumn saw Lee and I back together and I know everyday that I made the right decision. We've really become a pretty amazing couple since we got back together, we've started to get out and do things together, these photos were of us on Bonfire Night, something we've never gone out and enjoyed before and it was really the start of us making time for each other and doing different things.
November also saw my Work's Night Out, we'd got so so close to hitting a pretty huge target so my Boss was extremely generous and paid for us all to have a three course meal and a night in the DoubleTree Hilton in Lincoln! Another excuse to dress up and I had a brilliant night with all of my colleagues, some of who are fast becoming my best friends. It was another opportunity for Lee and I to spoilt ourselves and we're determined to have more nights away just the two of us!
This may seem like a strange photo but it's really more what has happened since. This photo was taken when Max arrived home from his first operation back in November to remove some plastic from his stomach. As I'm sure you all know he made great progress for the first night and then took a dreadful turn for the worse, stopped eating and also become emaciated. He'd got a piece of fabric stuck in his intestine and the organ itself was slowly failing, had we left it another day to rush him back to the vets he would have died. Luckily our vet is a wonderful man who put him straight on a drip to get him strong enough for another operation to remove what was doing the damage. I was in Derby two days later when Lee went and brought him home but as soon as I walked in Max jumped into my arms the way that he always used to and I think I just cried with relief. I also cried when I shook the vets hand to thank him for saving my dog once he'd had his stitches out. He's only just "Fully Recovered" and is slowly starting to go back onto solid food but he's definitely his old self and I'm so glad my little baby is okay!
Another first for Lee and I as a couple we attended the Lincoln Christmas Market, we've become rather photo happy in the last few months haven't we! It was a lovely day, although a little busy for my liking, and we always enjoy going to markets and fairs so it was right up our street. 
Christmas Day 2013. We managed to see pretty much all of both of our immediate families which is always rare on Christmas Day (although luckily we all do live in the same village!) We went round to Lee's sister's house early so that we could have some time with Max before the rest of their family went round (we spent the day at my sister's with my half of the family). He looked adorable in his little Christmas Jumper and it's hard to believe that it's nearly a whole year since he was born! Christmas 2013 has been a very very happy time for me and I couldn't think of a better way to end 2013!
OK I lied, there is a way to make the end of 2013 better and that is when your Other Half buys you a MacBook. Need I really say more? I used iMac's when doing my Graphics GCSE and have always been an Apple fan. When I first started blogging I had only just bought a very mediocre laptop that was nowhere near as good as I needed it to be, I never ever thought that I would be able to afford an MacBook Pro, especially not until my 2 year contract on my current Laptop ran out so when Lee agreed (although when slightly drunk) to pick up the bill for this beauty and in return he can have my old one for himself!

Apologies that some of these have really long waffly captions and others don't, it's been a rather emotional post to write! I'd love to know your highlights of the past year so please do send me any links to them! 


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