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14 Resolutions for 2014!

 Well would you look at me with all of my co-ordinating number posts! I know that there will probably be loads of these New Years Resolution posts floating around but I kind of just wanted to do one for myself and thought "Why not publish it on my blog?" It'll probably give me more determination to actually do all of these things and if I'm honest, I'm not sure where else I would keep a written record of them all and then I'd forget half of them! I'll try and keep it updated throughout the year as to whether I've failed any or completed any! They're divided up into health - money - beauty & blogging so feel free to skip right to the end if you fancy!

 1. Eat less chocolate - Probably one for most people but I consume way more than the average and recommended amount combined. We're talking a packet of biscuits per day, most days! So for my health I really need to work on this.
2. Have no elongated breaks from the gym - We all have times when we can't go but I tend to drag these out for longer than they need to be and can end up not going for months on end. I want to be far more consistent with my fitness this year.
3. Drink More - I really started doing this a few months ago and then gave up on it but the benefits that I saw were so good. By "Drink More" I certainly don't mean alcohol though! For about 2 weeks when I had a cold last November I drank at least 3 litres of water/orange squash a day and not only did it keep my pending cold at bay, I lost so much weight and my skin looked so bright and healthy!
4. Be more active with my Family - By this I mean, continue to do different things with Lee I.E go to new places, stay in hotels and have weekends away. With my dog it means to actually join Lee on his walks and take him to places like the beach more often. 
 5. Buy a House - Totally out of my control really but it's a goal that Lee and I are working really hard towards and 2014 should be the year that it happens. We currently live between his parents (where he stays full time) and my GrandParents so it's hard but hopefully it will be worth it!
6. Pay off (most of) my debts - I owe a fairly hefty amount of money to some family and there's still one pesky credit card looming over me so I want to get all banks paid off and gone and repay as much as I can to my family.
7. Manage my money better - I get really worried about having to ask Lee for fuel money on the last week of the month and always end up scrapping around in my drawers at work for something to eat. From February (as January's pay is a little different) I want to make my money last the whole month.
8. Stop buying pointless things - Really rather related to No 7 but I always buy things then when I'm strapped for cash at the end of the month curse myself for it. I'm talking things like, going to Tesco and spending £5 on lunch when I already have some I just don't really fancy. eBay has already left my life as that was a huge waste of money for me bidding on things I didn't really need.
9. Start Saving more - I have only ever saved £200 in my adult working life into a savings account and most of that was spent at the end of that very same month when I'd run out of money. For a while it'll be difficult as my salary is fairly low and matches my outgoings but I want to try. Even if it's coppers.
10. Be More Consistent with my Skincare - I am possibly the biggest offender when it comes to make up wipes, when it's getting late all I want to do is crawl into bed so I haven't done nighttime Skin Care in a very long time. I always reach for a wipe to get the worst off then slap on my Night Cream. Eek! I have to be more consistent and do my full routine every morning and night!
11. Never run out of drafts/scheduled posts - I always tend to schedule loads, then sit back and occasionally edit one or two as they go up, but then will wait until I've ran out and desperately need a post to write another. I don't know if it shows that sometimes I can rush one out because I don't want to have a huge gap but it bothers me. I want a consistent backlog of quality posts.
12. Improve my Photography - Again focusing on consistency, I want my photos to be more uniform, have a set backdrop that I will always use if I can and just generally be better. Especially throughout this winter I've found myself taking photos just before I use a product as I'm in a rush and that definitely shows!
13. Grow my blog - One that I think we can all agree on is that we want our blog to constantly keep growing. I'm not setting myself any targets or numbers, I never have done so for until I get really close to a milestone and I think it takes some of the pressure off. I don't know where 2014 will really take this blog but I'm hopeful it can keep on growing.
14. Keep Having Fun! - I've got to a place where I'm really having so so much fun blogging. In the middle of the year it became a bit laborious and I was posting for the sake of it, not because I loved what I was writing about. But in the later half of this year I've joined in on chats, gone to meet ups and have honestly loved blogging again. I post at a rate that works for me but may not be as often as others and it's made me so much more comfortable about blogging! I no longer lie awake worrying about what I can put a post up about!
So there we go! I'm already looking at some of them and wincing as they will be difficult but hopefully I can be sat here in a years time and let you know how it's changed/benefit/not changed my life and where I'm at with it all! Do you have any resolutions for 2014? Blog or not blog related! I'd love to know!

*All Pictures were found on tumblr and all credit goes to them.

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