Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Derby & London Haul!

Hi Guys! So recently I've been to two meet ups, the East Midlands Meet Up which was organised fantastically by the wonderful Emma over at Not Your Average and also the London Xmas Meet arranged by Ellie, Chloe and Perdi. I absolutely love going to Blogger meet ups, it's so so much fun and everyone is always so lovely. I've made some great friends from them! Anyway, Of course at these events I had to do a little shopping, less so in London as I was just overwhelmed and got a bit lost but I did managed to get some good bits!
 The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion £15- I'm ashamed to admit that I've never actually bought an eyeshadow primer before, I got one in a beauty box once but rarely use it. I thought that it was time that I invested and to be honest although I never usually wear eyeshadow long enough for it to wear off, it is incredible at making my eyeshadow look as though I've just put it on at the end of the night. No need to touch up! It also helps it sit better when I'm applying it I find.
 Real Techniques Starter Set £20.99 - My Real Techniques collection is building up fast and for good reason, their brushes are such good quality and this set is pretty cheap considering that you get four brushes. I'll be honest that the angled brow brush is slightly too thick for both my eyebrows and eyeliner for my liking and the pixel-point eyeliner brush is too long to be precise. However the other three are wonderful for creating a nice eye look. The accent brush is wonderful for slightly bringing a colour underneath the eye and the deluxe crease brush and base shadow brush are both great for my smokey eye looks. It won't be long until I own all of the Real Techniques brushes, I know it.
Sleek Contour Kit in "Medium" £6.49 - I think I may have gone a bit too dark in this as when I tried to use the darker powder it did look slightly too harsh, however with a tan it'll be just right. I've never tried sleek products before as I've never seen any in the shops to swatch and lust after them so I was super excited when I saw them in boots. The highlighting powder is just perfect for a super subtle highlight across my cheek bones and brow area but I'll have to wait until summer to really use the rest of the kit.
 Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99 - As I said earlier, I adore Real Techniques brushes and I'm really working on building up a good collection so I could't resist this Blush Brush (and one more later on) when Boots were offering 3 for 2. I bought a big set of very cheap Bobbi Brown Dupe brushes when I first started out to get me by so I'm replacing them all with better ones and it was the turn of my blush brush. It's the perfect size for a natural smidgen of blush over the apple of my cheeks.
MAC 217 Blending Brush £18- I've nearly completed my MAC Palette now so I thought that I would start to work on another MAC collection, their brushes. You can never ever have enough blending brushes so I treated myself to one of the most heard about ones out there. I was slightly dubious as to how this would be any better than some of my cheaper alternatives but it just is. The bristles are soft yet quite compact so that you get just the right amount of colour when applying it, but the brush is also soft enough that it blends what you already have on so easily. I'm definitely going to invest in more when I can afford to.
Real Techniques Shading Brush £6.99 - I should probably have put all of the Real Techniques brushes together but this is just how it came out! As I just said I don't think that you can ever have enough shading and blending brushes I just couldn't resist picking this up as part of Boots 3 for 2 offer. My collection is starting to look really pretty now that it's 99% Real Techniques and colour co-ordinated!
 Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips £3.99 - I've been meaning to try some pore strips for quite a while now and when they were on offer in Boots I thought that I might as well pick some up. I've spent quite a lot of time in cities recently and at the time had been really, really busy so I was quite concerned that there may be a build up in my pores. I applied these as soon as I got home and to be honest the results weren't as bad as I thought that they would be! You get 6 in a pack though so I think that they're pretty good value!
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo £9.75 - I had been wondering about this product for a few weeks when I saw a few people on twitter really raving about it for making your pores as good as vanish and then I knew that I had to try it. I ordered one of their free samples of off the website but it hadn't arrived in time for the East Midlands Blogger Meet (When I was planning to buy the full size) so I took the plunge and bought it anyway and I'm so glad that I did. Other than when I was having a really bad skin day I haven't noticed my pores at tall which is a huge improvement for me.

Scare-Doo Anti-Tangle Hair Brush £10.99 - Okay so I didn't actually buy this, I was extremely lucky to have won it at the London Xmas Meet by it had to be mentioned and It will have it's own blog post and review very soon as I absolutely love it. It's like a tangle teezer except ever so slightly cheaper and in my opinion, way better. You can flip the actual brush part so it's perfect when you've been dragged through a hedge backwards or you just want a little spruce. I won't say any more as I want to save it for my full review!

Sorry that these are so late, I hope that you enjoy them!

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