Wednesday, 22 January 2014

EcoTools Foam Applicator Review

EcoTools Foam Applicator - £4.99 - Don't you just love it when a product swoops in to your life and completely revolutionises the way you that you do something? This applicator has done just that. For months now I've been eyeing up the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but just really not seen how it would work, I was kinda waiting for a YouTube Video on how to apply foundation with something like this as I've only ever used a brush or my fingers before (If you know of any then please do send them my way!). When I opened my Christmas Cracker at My Sister's house this 25th December I was very very pleasantly surprised to see this little beauty, The EcoTools Foam Applicator. (We always make personalised Crackers to make sure that you get something you'll love in your Cracker!) I've totally fallen out of love with my Bobbi Brown dupe brushes, after a few months they really obviously are not the real thing and it shows in how it applies product to my face. I've only used the EcoTools Foam Applicator once but I'm already in love and waiting till I next need to apply foundation. It's the most flawless finish I've ever achieved and that's without really knowing how to use it and the application was really quick too. I was in a rush getting ready for My Sister's birthday meal and couldn't be bothered to tackle my Bobbi Brown Dupe Brush so I reached for this, took the appalling quick snap that you see above before I used it and went away and I'm not sure that I'll be looking back! For only £4.99 it's a bargain too! 

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