Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ScareDoo Hairbrush Review!

Scaredoo Hairbrush £10.99 - I was really kindly given this as a prize at the London Xmas Meet back in December and I've not looked back since. If it weren't for living in two houses I would honestly have ditched every other hairbrush that I own and this would be my one and only. I know it sounds like I'm gushing but honestly this hairbrush is like a dream come true... It's a slightly cheaper version of the TangleTeezer which I'll be honest I've never tried, except you can flip the brush over to have sturdier bristles or smoother ones for finishing. I've not seen them in shops yet but you can buy them online here, they have a great variety of colours! I've not particularly kept it a secret that since about March of 2013 I've really suffered from my hair falling out, I've tried all sorts to sort it out including several trips to the doctors. Brushing my hair, especially when wet, has been a thought that has constantly terrified me for over 9 months now as not only would it pull entire hairbrush's full of hair out (we're talking filling them in brushing my hair once) it would really really hurt. Now I'm not about to put all of my hair rebirth down to this brush as there are a few other factors I'll explain as and when on my blog, but I haven't had to clear this out once and my hair is just as brushed as when using any other product. To start with I used the smoother side and just took my time over brushing my hair however that soon made it static so now I tend to mostly use the detangling side. It's quicker, more gentle and leaves my hair shinier than any hair brush I've ever used and it's lovely and compact too. As soon as finances allow I'll be purchasing another one of these for my other home, and maybe another for my handbag, one for work, one for my gym bag …. 

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