Sunday, 19 January 2014

#TheSkinProject - Anti-Ageing

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Welcome to what will be my last post of #TheSkinProject and unfortunately it may be a bit of a disappointing one! You see I only use one Anti-Ageing product and I've mentioned that on Lianne's Blog as part of #TheAntiAgeing Project and I've done a guest post review on it so I really don't want to be boring for you guys! 

I think that it's important to use Anti-Ageing products from as early as possible so that your skin can start reaping the benefits early and make life easier for yourself later on. The whole reason that I got into Beauty was because of my Sister telling me that if I didn't start now my skin would be harder to control when I was older!

Find my Review of the Elemis Pro-Intense Life Effect Night Cream Below!

Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream £95* - I've never particularly used specific anti-ageing products before so I was a tad dubious as to how this was going to work for me as I couldn't really describe my skin as particularly aged. I'll admit that I've been a tad on and off with using this due to living in two different houses however I saw effects immediately, the morning after using this my skin looked and felt plumper and brighter. This is fantastic for when my skin needs a pick me up! It smooths my skin and just gives me that little pick me up. It is really rather on the pricey side however you get quite a lot in the tub and only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face and as I said, instant results are always a bonus! My complexion has definately evened out (to the point that I stopped wearing foundation for over a week!) and my skin feels tighter and firmer. I cannot praise this highly enough and can't wait to get my hands on more of this range!

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