Wednesday, 26 February 2014

500 Follower & 1 Year Giveaway!

 Thank you so much to everyone who voted for what they'd like to win in #Beckasbeautygiveaway! I know that the final vote was actually for the NARS Adult Content Blush Palette but I've just gone to order it and shock horror - it's no longer available! Argh! So I'm keeping it with NARS and going for the much lusted after At First Sight Palette. It's so beautiful I may have to order myself one too else I might not be able to physically let it go. You get a Deep Throat Blush, All about Eve, Nouveau Monda, Bellissima and Cordura (II) Eyeshadows and the much coveted Laguna Bronzer, so I hope that you are all happy with that as a prize. I've been thinking that I'll be running this for just over a month so I may well include some sneaky extras to say thank you so keep your eye on my twitter!

I think you'll agree this would make a fab everyday palette, you don't really need anything other than what's contained within this so it'll be perfect if you're planning on jetting off somewhere in 2014. All you have to do is enter your entries in the rafflecopter below and hey presto, it could be you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. This is for genuine followers and readers only, any bots or competition only account entries will be deleted. 
2. I will check the winning entry before announcing the winner, so no fibbing please!
3. This competition will run until 31st March 2014 at midnight. 
4. I will announce the winner in a blog post and on twitter the following Wednesday, 2nd March.
5. If the winner does not come forward with their address within a week, I shall choose a new winner at random. 
6. The item will be posted to yourself first class recorded, if you'd like any other method of postage then please contact me and I'll see what I can arrange.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014


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Hello Lovelies,

I thought that it would be nice if I put together a blog post on the #NottsBloggerMeet that Sophie & I are hosting on the 1st March so that you could all get to know one another and swap blogs beforehand so please find below a list of people's names, blogs and their twitter handles!

Becka (me) - Becka's Beauty Blog - @beckashepx
Sophie - Pocokins - @Pocockins
Becki - The Explorer Blog - @theexplorerblog
Becky - The little blog of beauty - @lilblogofbeauty
Louisa - Fashion Fumblings - @fashionfumbling
Kayleigh - KayKayM - Keyleighm_88
Lauren - Painting Nail - @Laurenn_S
Lora - Lora Loves - @loralovesx
Hayley - Strangeness and Charm - @xhjw
Alexandra - Cats and Vodka - @magicst4rs
Ellie - Unique love Style - @Ellielouuu
Anna - House of Bargain - @houseofbargain_
Lucy - Lucy Earnshaw - @lucy_earnshaw
Gemma - LookingLovelyyy - @lookinglovelyyy
Leah - Peaches and Smoke - @peachesandsmoke
Charlie - Charlie and the Beauty Factory - @chizzasaur
Charley - Beauty Robot - @charleyc_123
Sally - Rainy Day Daces - @rainydayfaces
Jess - Dungarees and Donuts - @jessiekinsxo
Meimei - meimeisays - @meimeisays
Emma - Not Your Average - @missemmalou_
Rebecca - Cloud Nine Indulgence - @cloud9cupcake
Charlotte - Fierce Fine Fashion - @Triple_F_
Laura - Lrsmth Fashion - @lrsmth_fashion
Amber - Little Things She Loves - @littlethingsAR
Hannah - Dainty and Ivory - @H_m_k
Charlotte - Charlotte Writes Blog - @Hell0imchar

I can't wait to meet you all and have a good old catch up with some of you! If you'd like to be put on the reserve list then please contact me (@beckashepx or comment below) or Sophie (@pocokins) and we'll let you know if a space becomes available!

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Lanvin Me EDP

Lanvin Me EDP £49 for 50ml* - Introducing the most luxurious smelling perfume I've ever owned. I first spritzed this (rather daringly) before walking into an important meeting at work and it immediately made me feel more confident, powerful and just more grown up! It's a beautiful mixture of strong yet feminine scents that brought out the best version of me. How strange that a perfume can do that? I love finding new scents, I've never owned loads of perfumes before and tend to stick to what I know and this one was totally new for me. It's quite a mature scent that I've kept for using at work and I'll use it at a funeral that I ever so sadly have to attend and also at my Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary Meal as 1. I don't want to wear it everyday and use it up and 2. It's fast become a scent to be kept for when I need a boost of confidence and to shine through and be at my best! This is a very, very strong scent and you definitely only need a tiny bit of it, it also lasts absolutely all day and is one that you can still smell on your clothes the next time you wear them. I'll admit the scent isn't for everyone and I've had a few people tell me that whilst it's nice on me, they don't like it in the bottle but I think it's important to remember that every fragrance will smell differently on your individual skin. The acidity and warmth will change how a fragrance sits and ultimately smells and this is definitely a grower. The bottle is cute but not too over the top (I'm all for an extravagant bottle but it's so impractical if you ever need to pop it in your handbag). Lanvin Me is my stable Meeting, Interview & Formal gathering fragrance and one that I can always rely on to see me through the day. 

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm £1.99* - Today I bring you a product that has been me and my lips' saviour this winter and has made life one hell of a lot easier… It's the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm*, and even better, it's Dark Chocolate and Cherry Flavoured! I was slightly nervous as to whether or not this would work very well as a lip balm as sometimes, once a company tries adding flavours and tints the product tends to stray from what it does best. However this still totally does it's job, by the end of day 1 using this my lips felt soft and so much more conditioned. I love that this gives a subtle colour and sheen too, it's perfect for when I'm in a rush at work and I just want something quick that I don't need to focus on too much. I'm terrible for keeping my lips in good condition and always find when I want to wear a lipstick they're too chapped and dry and I've not go enough time to sort them out before applying a lipstick so Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm is perfect for me. I don't need to prep my lips at all for this too look good as it does the conditioning itself! Oh, and it tastes great!

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

500 follower/1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

So recently I hit 500 followers on bloglovin and I had promised both myself and some of you that I would host my next giveaway once I'd got there to say a massive "Thank You" to all of you for your support! I was kind of hoping to reach it on my blog's first birthday on 22nd February so I was super excited to get there early however life has been just too hectic to plan it properly! I always worry that I'm going to pick the wrong thing so I thought that I'd run a poll from now until the 22nd to let you guys decide! If you want more details then just let me know however I've chosen the NARS Adult Content Blush Palette, All Three of the New Real Techniques Retractible Brushes & The Estee Lauder  Pure Colour Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette. You can find the poll to the right of this page underneath my "about me" section and it will run from now until the 22nd February at midnight. I'll announce what won and start the giveaway as soon as possible after that!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream £25 - When I was looking through my posts and writing up my "Best of 2013" series I realised that there were so many products I'd mentioned briefly but never fully reviewed. Although some of these are cult classics that don't really need an introduction I personally still feel that I can never read enough reviews of some products, especially ones with a hefty price tag and high cult following. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream cropped up on buyapowa once, apologies I can't remember the price that I actually paid for it (£13 I think) but I just couldn't resist after hearing so many good things. I did receive this in the summer of 2013 and the next day slapped it on post cleansing and toning, waited for as long as I possibly could for it to soak into my skin and then popped my make up on after. By the time I got home from work I'd already sent a tweet out asking if anyone else felt so greasy after using this! As I said earlier I waited as long as possible before applying make up over the top and it still wasn't totally soaked in, my foundation felt like it was sliding over my face all day and it was so uncomfortable. I'm never one for much powder as I like the dewy look but even the areas I had powdered were greasy. I could not wait to take my make up off and needless to say I haven't dared try this as a moisturiser again! I now reserve it (possibly a good idea considering the price tag) for really dry elbows and my lips. It works wonders if applied the night before and then putting your lippy on the next morning! Who else has tried a cult product that they were hugely let down by?! Or was I doing something wrong with this?!

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sleek Blush by 3

Sleek Blush By 3 £9.99* - Every now and then a high street product amazes me and really makes me think it's a good investment. When I was extremely kindly offered to review these two Sleek Blush By 3 collections I was so so excited, the moment that they arrived I photographed them so that I didn't have to wait to use them! I don't own many blushes as I'm naturally rather rosy-cheeked so I worry about highlighting it. So far I've tried four out of the six blushes and they've all looked beautiful. I'm a bit naff with cream blushes so Californ.I.A was a bit daunting for me but after a little practise I was left with a subtle glow that complimented my new fake tan beautifully. Pink Lemonade is perfect for when I'm a little paler, with a range of subtle shimmers and cute pinks, it'll suit an "English Rose" look down to the ground. The other thing I'm super impressed by is the packaging, apart from a contour kit I don't own any Sleek products and these lived up to my expectations. Slightly rubberised black packaging with a very satisfying click when you shut them, I'm not the first person to note the similarity to NARS. The staying power was also good for the price, I wore it on a long, important day at work and my cheeks still looked fresh and flush by the end of the day. I cannot wait to try more Sleek products if they are anywhere near as good as there and I'm just dying to get my hands on the "lace" palette!

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Friday, 7 February 2014

DIY Light Studio for just £8!

Please Note: These photos have not been edited in any way!

 All of the above photos were taken whilst my room was extremely dark and had NO other lights on. I'm pretty impressed with that - non? For ages I've been looking at light boxes and studios but they're really rather costly and I have no space in my room to store much so 99% of them have been out of the questions and the cheaper ones just don't seem to be as good! Cue my photography qualification coming in handy for the first time in three years and I went gun ho and made my own all for £8.

Here it is! A tiny corner in my bedroom that I've managed to clear out and in it I've created my very own lighting studio. The daylight bulb cost me £5 from tesco and I used this lamp that has been in my bedroom in my grandma's house (where I live now) since I can remember! The white bit? The underside of wrapping paper! I bought two rolls for my sister's birthday and had one left over so this bit cost me £3, One square piece for the side and then I just rolled a long piece out to create an infinite background, all fixed together with selotape.

And hey presto! I'm really rather happy with the photos that I've got from it so far and the only adjustment I may make is to add white material over the top just to create an even more seamless look.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Birmingham Haul!

So Lee and I went off to Birmingham for the night over New Years Eve and of course whilst we were there we had to do some serious shopping! I got given some money and two MAC vouchers for Christmas and they were just itching to be spent!

 MAC All Fired Up Lipstick £15 - This is my first ever MAC lipstick and boy do I love it! I wanted to really make the most of my first even MAC Purchase so went for something bold and bright. I don't currently own a bright red so this was the obvious choice!

Illamasqua Skin Base in 3.5 £27 - To me, this isn't that pricey for such a good foundation, there are far more expensive ones out there that just aren't as good. I've been dying to try this since the summer but didn't want to risk not being colour matched so as I was in one of the extremely few Illamasqua departments in the country I just had to pick this up and I'm already in love!

 MAC Eyeshadows Beauty Marked, Black Tie & Brown Down £10 each- I'm so so close to finishing my MAC Palette and I can't wait to do a full blog post on it when I have, I've kept my palette to three groups, neutrals, purples and blacks in order to create three different smokey eye looks. Beauty Marked is more my glittery dark purple colour, Black Tie is a glittered black and Brown Down is a nice dark brown colour!

 Another Real Techniques Shading Brush £6.99 - You just can't have enough of these, I want to try this one as a concealer brush as I'm desperate for a better one!

 L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellular Solution £3.99 - When we went to Lincoln for the night a few months ago this leaked and I lost almost all of it, I've missed it so much since then but wanted to wait until I could do a haul post to repurchase!

 DKNY Handbag £269 - This was my main present for Christmas from Lee so technically I didn't buy this, he did but I just couldn't not include it! I was so excited to buy my first ever designer handbag so he let me purchase it myself. We had to stop in the middle of the shopping centre to change it over as I couldn't wait to start using it!

 Ciate Mani Mini Advent Calendar £21 - Another cheaty product as I ordered this online but it was waiting for me when I got home! I just couldn't resist the Ciate Advent Calendar once it was so cheap as I order all of their polishes!
 Lumberjack Shirt £14.99 H&M - I was terrible with the sales and barely bought anything in them! Lee and Max (the nephew, not the dog) have bought recently been bought Lumberjack shirts and Lee decided that I'd look totally cute in one so here it is! It's so soft and looks like it will be so comfy!

 Plain Black Skater Skirt from New Look £10 - A staple piece that will serve me well in loads of outfits, I need to venture out more in what I wear so this was a must!

New Look Top £8 - Finally a sale item! Think will look really pretty either for work if we do away with our uniforms or with jeans or a skirt. I like to look "pretty" evert now and then!

 Purple Jeans from New Look - Sorry I can't remember how much these were! Not expensive though as they were from New Look! Again I need to be a bit more versatile from my usual dark blue jean and a jumper so hopefully these will ease me into it!

 Primark Necklace £5 - This caught my eye in Selfridges and I had to drag Lee back so that I could buy it, It's rare that I see a necklace that I like and think I could wear so I grab them when I do!

 Tilbury Boots from Dune £145 - This is what I spent all of my Christmas Money on with some help from Lee! My old boots are so tatty now and when I bought them (from ASOS) last year a woman had warned me not to buy cheap as if you invest they'll last you for years. I didn't listen and totally regretted it so Lee convinced me to take the plunge with these, he has loads of boots that are lasting him for years already!

I totally failed at sales shopping but really think that I've bought some staple pieces to set me up for 2014!

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Monday, 3 February 2014

I'm doing a degree!

Hi Guys, 

Just a quick hello today to let you all know some pretty big news that I've been trying my best to keep to myself for weeks! When 2014 came around the corner, I sat and realised how long ago it was that I left school and that I'd be finishing my degree this year if I'd gone to university with the rest of my classmates. As it happens I'm pretty darn happy with how life has turned out, especially career-wise and none of that would have happened had I left home to go to university. 

It has always bugged me though, I genuinely think that I'm capable of studying for and having a degree (I've always been confident in my academic abilities - so shoot me) and I think it's going to put me on a good footing for my future career. I also realised that I'd landed myself the role of a Marketing Executive without having any training in the field of Marketing, and that scared me. 

So I turned to my local colleges to look for "bite-size" courses, nothing… To my local university for day-release undergraduate courses, nothing. I was a little deflated before a lightbulb appeared and I travelled to the Open University website. I sort of started to apply just to see if I could before realising I was about one click away to actually committing myself to 6 years worth of studying towards a degree. I'm a pretty impulsive person anyway so of course I clicked "next"and only had my funding left to sort.

This was when I started to get a little nervous, what if I didn't get a loan? How on earth would I pay for over £15,000 worth of tuition?! Of course you can back out if you don't get a loan however by this point I really wanted to get started. Luckily it was all approved OK and I was officially just waiting to begin. This was on Saturday 25th January and by Saturday 1st February all of my books had arrived! 

I can't believe how quick and simple it's all been, I'm still incredibly daunted and have moments of thinking I'm not good enough but fingers crossed I'll persevere and do OK, wish me luck!

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