Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Birmingham Haul!

So Lee and I went off to Birmingham for the night over New Years Eve and of course whilst we were there we had to do some serious shopping! I got given some money and two MAC vouchers for Christmas and they were just itching to be spent!

 MAC All Fired Up Lipstick £15 - This is my first ever MAC lipstick and boy do I love it! I wanted to really make the most of my first even MAC Purchase so went for something bold and bright. I don't currently own a bright red so this was the obvious choice!

Illamasqua Skin Base in 3.5 £27 - To me, this isn't that pricey for such a good foundation, there are far more expensive ones out there that just aren't as good. I've been dying to try this since the summer but didn't want to risk not being colour matched so as I was in one of the extremely few Illamasqua departments in the country I just had to pick this up and I'm already in love!

 MAC Eyeshadows Beauty Marked, Black Tie & Brown Down £10 each- I'm so so close to finishing my MAC Palette and I can't wait to do a full blog post on it when I have, I've kept my palette to three groups, neutrals, purples and blacks in order to create three different smokey eye looks. Beauty Marked is more my glittery dark purple colour, Black Tie is a glittered black and Brown Down is a nice dark brown colour!

 Another Real Techniques Shading Brush £6.99 - You just can't have enough of these, I want to try this one as a concealer brush as I'm desperate for a better one!

 L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellular Solution £3.99 - When we went to Lincoln for the night a few months ago this leaked and I lost almost all of it, I've missed it so much since then but wanted to wait until I could do a haul post to repurchase!

 DKNY Handbag £269 - This was my main present for Christmas from Lee so technically I didn't buy this, he did but I just couldn't not include it! I was so excited to buy my first ever designer handbag so he let me purchase it myself. We had to stop in the middle of the shopping centre to change it over as I couldn't wait to start using it!

 Ciate Mani Mini Advent Calendar £21 - Another cheaty product as I ordered this online but it was waiting for me when I got home! I just couldn't resist the Ciate Advent Calendar once it was so cheap as I order all of their polishes!
 Lumberjack Shirt £14.99 H&M - I was terrible with the sales and barely bought anything in them! Lee and Max (the nephew, not the dog) have bought recently been bought Lumberjack shirts and Lee decided that I'd look totally cute in one so here it is! It's so soft and looks like it will be so comfy!

 Plain Black Skater Skirt from New Look £10 - A staple piece that will serve me well in loads of outfits, I need to venture out more in what I wear so this was a must!

New Look Top £8 - Finally a sale item! Think will look really pretty either for work if we do away with our uniforms or with jeans or a skirt. I like to look "pretty" evert now and then!

 Purple Jeans from New Look - Sorry I can't remember how much these were! Not expensive though as they were from New Look! Again I need to be a bit more versatile from my usual dark blue jean and a jumper so hopefully these will ease me into it!

 Primark Necklace £5 - This caught my eye in Selfridges and I had to drag Lee back so that I could buy it, It's rare that I see a necklace that I like and think I could wear so I grab them when I do!

 Tilbury Boots from Dune £145 - This is what I spent all of my Christmas Money on with some help from Lee! My old boots are so tatty now and when I bought them (from ASOS) last year a woman had warned me not to buy cheap as if you invest they'll last you for years. I didn't listen and totally regretted it so Lee convinced me to take the plunge with these, he has loads of boots that are lasting him for years already!

I totally failed at sales shopping but really think that I've bought some staple pieces to set me up for 2014!

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