Friday, 7 February 2014

DIY Light Studio for just £8!

Please Note: These photos have not been edited in any way!

 All of the above photos were taken whilst my room was extremely dark and had NO other lights on. I'm pretty impressed with that - non? For ages I've been looking at light boxes and studios but they're really rather costly and I have no space in my room to store much so 99% of them have been out of the questions and the cheaper ones just don't seem to be as good! Cue my photography qualification coming in handy for the first time in three years and I went gun ho and made my own all for £8.

Here it is! A tiny corner in my bedroom that I've managed to clear out and in it I've created my very own lighting studio. The daylight bulb cost me £5 from tesco and I used this lamp that has been in my bedroom in my grandma's house (where I live now) since I can remember! The white bit? The underside of wrapping paper! I bought two rolls for my sister's birthday and had one left over so this bit cost me £3, One square piece for the side and then I just rolled a long piece out to create an infinite background, all fixed together with selotape.

And hey presto! I'm really rather happy with the photos that I've got from it so far and the only adjustment I may make is to add white material over the top just to create an even more seamless look.

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