Monday, 3 February 2014

I'm doing a degree!

Hi Guys, 

Just a quick hello today to let you all know some pretty big news that I've been trying my best to keep to myself for weeks! When 2014 came around the corner, I sat and realised how long ago it was that I left school and that I'd be finishing my degree this year if I'd gone to university with the rest of my classmates. As it happens I'm pretty darn happy with how life has turned out, especially career-wise and none of that would have happened had I left home to go to university. 

It has always bugged me though, I genuinely think that I'm capable of studying for and having a degree (I've always been confident in my academic abilities - so shoot me) and I think it's going to put me on a good footing for my future career. I also realised that I'd landed myself the role of a Marketing Executive without having any training in the field of Marketing, and that scared me. 

So I turned to my local colleges to look for "bite-size" courses, nothing… To my local university for day-release undergraduate courses, nothing. I was a little deflated before a lightbulb appeared and I travelled to the Open University website. I sort of started to apply just to see if I could before realising I was about one click away to actually committing myself to 6 years worth of studying towards a degree. I'm a pretty impulsive person anyway so of course I clicked "next"and only had my funding left to sort.

This was when I started to get a little nervous, what if I didn't get a loan? How on earth would I pay for over £15,000 worth of tuition?! Of course you can back out if you don't get a loan however by this point I really wanted to get started. Luckily it was all approved OK and I was officially just waiting to begin. This was on Saturday 25th January and by Saturday 1st February all of my books had arrived! 

I can't believe how quick and simple it's all been, I'm still incredibly daunted and have moments of thinking I'm not good enough but fingers crossed I'll persevere and do OK, wish me luck!

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