Friday, 21 February 2014

Lanvin Me EDP

Lanvin Me EDP £49 for 50ml* - Introducing the most luxurious smelling perfume I've ever owned. I first spritzed this (rather daringly) before walking into an important meeting at work and it immediately made me feel more confident, powerful and just more grown up! It's a beautiful mixture of strong yet feminine scents that brought out the best version of me. How strange that a perfume can do that? I love finding new scents, I've never owned loads of perfumes before and tend to stick to what I know and this one was totally new for me. It's quite a mature scent that I've kept for using at work and I'll use it at a funeral that I ever so sadly have to attend and also at my Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary Meal as 1. I don't want to wear it everyday and use it up and 2. It's fast become a scent to be kept for when I need a boost of confidence and to shine through and be at my best! This is a very, very strong scent and you definitely only need a tiny bit of it, it also lasts absolutely all day and is one that you can still smell on your clothes the next time you wear them. I'll admit the scent isn't for everyone and I've had a few people tell me that whilst it's nice on me, they don't like it in the bottle but I think it's important to remember that every fragrance will smell differently on your individual skin. The acidity and warmth will change how a fragrance sits and ultimately smells and this is definitely a grower. The bottle is cute but not too over the top (I'm all for an extravagant bottle but it's so impractical if you ever need to pop it in your handbag). Lanvin Me is my stable Meeting, Interview & Formal gathering fragrance and one that I can always rely on to see me through the day. 

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