Monday, 10 March 2014

Makeover Monday #1

I've been struggling to know how to word this post and many of the ones to follow, I hate looking as though I take what I have for granted as believe me, I don't. However as it stands there are a number of things surrounding me that I would like to alter and I feel as though my life is about to go through a bit of a transformation. The most obvious and prominent area being my weight, if you hadn't guessed. I'm a size 12 and the biggest I've ever been in my life, I know that that's below the national average and many would love to be a 12 but I'm just not comfortable and more importantly, none of my clothes fit and I can't afford to buy new ones! My blog will also hopefully be undergoing a transformation, not particularly looks wise but there are some new things that I would like to introduce and some things that I already have. Hopefully Lee and I will find a house that we can buy soon and thus I will go back to being the doting housewife that I know how to be and not the lazy weekend-only girlfriend I've sadly become. My eating needs to get under control, I eat larger portions than Lee and a two course meal will no longer fill me up when we're out but I have some exciting things to share with you that I hope will bring that back into line. Other than that there are only a few little things that will contribute such as new products, techniques and treatments that will hopefully make me a better version of myself and my life easier/better/healthier.

So this is me now, I can't tell you how much I weigh because I genuinely don't know - I never weigh myself but I'm a size 12. I've ripped both of my size 10 skirts and my size 10 trousers give me stomach ache so there's no more kidding myself! As you can see I'm in my swimming costume, I've recently become a little bit addicted to swimming going up to 6 times per week but I'll talk more about that later! Next week will be Makeover Monday #2 where I'll be uploading a comparison photo of three weeks after the one above, what I've been doing so far and new things that I'm trying to make me lose weight. If you don't know already, I suffered with Anorexia until 3 years ago (Lee literally saved my life as I was too embarrassed to be so fussy in front of him) so the reason I'm putting all of this out there is to try and maintain a positive mental attitude and to keep me in line to keep things safe and healthy! Unless you've been through it, you won't understand how difficult it is to diet properly when your demons are telling you that more unsavoury methods got me so thin (and unhealthy and to the point that me not getting better was spoken about...) so quickly in the past.

So that is the reason that I'm putting this out there. Not to make anyone who is a size 12 or over feel bad before I get that onslaught that many seem to get and not because I think I'm huge or fat. Simply because I want to lose weight and I want to do it healthily and if I'm 100% honest I'm going to need all of the help and support I can get. 

Hardest and most honest post I've ever written over. 


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