Monday, 17 March 2014

Makeover Monday #2

My Goal: To have my 2012 body back.

If you read my Makeover Monday #1 you will have read that it wasn't going to be all about weightloss and dieting, well I didn't lie and don't worry - it isn't. I just wanted to publicly (don't ask me why) start my journey by noting down all of my measurements and letting you guys know the exercises that I currently do and plan on doing to get myself healthy and fit! I also said last week that I never, ever weigh myself, I always say it's because weight doesn't matter, it's how you feel and I totally stand by that however as I just said, when I get to a point where I'm really happy with myself I'd quite like to compare it to where I started. So I took the plunge on stood on the dreaded scales then whipped out my tape measure and noted down the horrid numbers staring back at me. 

Starting Point
Weight - 11st 6lbs
Waist - 30"
Hips - 36"
Bum - 40"
Thigh - 26"
Dress Size - 12

I don't have any set goals at this moment in time other than to comfortably be a size 10, weight etc will just come with that too but I don't really know what weight I'd have to be in order to be a size 10 so it's difficult for me. I'd quite like my 26" waist back but I think that'd be one step too far as I want to still enjoy my life and food too. 

My "Gymspiration", I used to look like this so I can again

So on to my routine...
  • Swim - At the moment I swim, a lot, about 4 or 5 times a week, however whilst it's been great for getting my breathing better and my general strength up over the last 3 weeks it doesn't make you actually lose weight very fast as it's more for toning and muscle therapy so I'm toning it down to twice a week as well as another work out. 
  • Bike - Lee and I have just started going out on the bikes at least once a weekend for around an hour and a half, we're hoping to buy a house in the next village so quite like to bike out to see that and stop by the pub on the way home.
  • Gym - My gym routine has been the same for a long time and that's because I feel that it works, it's one that my old personal trainer set out for me and it's what I was doing when I was at my most trim two years ago. I cycle for 20 minutes on the hill setting (else I get bored) trying to keep at 100rpm or just below and am pushing myself up on the resistance every week. I then walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes or again, until I get bored. Luckily my new gym has TVs in front so it's helping me. I know that I only walk but I do it on the steepest incline and vary from level 6 to 7, so I actually walk faster than some people in my gym run but for some reason as soon as I break into a jog my shins are in agony and my breathing goes pete tong, so I'll stick to walking, I can totally feel it working on my bum too! Then I finish on a high and go on the cross trainer, I've only been back for 3 weeks so I can only last for 10 minutes but that gets me really sweaty and totally out of breath.

Future Improvements
  • Pilates - As of hopefully this Wednesday I'll be taking up pilates, my sister in law does it and I quite frankly want to poke her eyes out as she's so slim even after having her baby! My sister also does it and her core muscles are fantastic and I've never seen her stomach so flat, so I'm hoping that this once a week teamed with swimming twice a week will tone me up nicely. 
  • Gym - I need to push harder, go more often and switch it up from swimming, as I previously said I've recently had a bit of a reality check that if I really want to lose weight and get back to how I used to be then I need to cut back on the low impact swimming and go harder on the higher intensity gym routine. I'll never be one for working out until I collapse as I have a dicky ticker and that would be unhealthy and unwise so unfortunately I have to know and work within my limits but I do plan on pushing myself a lot more and going more frequently. 
  • Diet - I've recently started taking supplements that I'll tell you all about in a later post but I'm really hoping that they'll transform my eating habits. 
  • Toning - At the moment I don't really do anything other than cardio so I'm going to start doing the 7 minute work out once I get home from the gym. I hate doing weights etc in the gym as I always feel silly without a PT telling me what to do and I can't really afford the sessions at the moment. It'll also give me chance to recover from the cross trainer as I really push myself on that before I go home. 

We can do this. 
I've seen so many fellow bloggers all on a mission to lose weight at the moment and I know that at times I'll need people to be there for me so, if you're trying to do the same and ever need a pick me up, some advice (not that I'm a professional) or some support feel free to find me on any of my social media and I'll chat away to you. I love a good natter whilst I'm on the bike in the gym so I'll talk until the cows come home then!

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