Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner

Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner* £23.65 - When a brands contacts you and asks how they can help with your skincare routine, you automatically feel valued and very, very excited. At least I do anyway. When Oqibo and I first started corresponding (something that has blossomed into a fantastic relationship now with the wonderful Beth) I had just started swimming and had just that day put out a tweet asking if I should be changing anything in my skincare regime. I asked Beth what she recommended and her offering was fantastic. This purifies my skin once I'm out of the water and levels it back out again, I was finding that my skin was getting extremely tight and dry due to all of the chemicals in the water despite my endless time in the sauna afterwards and this has solved the problem. Once I'm out I'll use this all over my face, applying it in little circular motions and then I'll just wash it off whilst I'm in the shower. Immediately my skin feels healthier and rebalanced and nowhere near as chemically-fied. Another fantastic bonus to this is that it's a cleanser and toner all in one. I'll admit when I go swimming I usually don't get out until 9pm and the last thing that I want to be doing at the pool is a full on skincare routine so this is perfect and does the job all in one go. I simply pop my moisturiser on once I get home and I'm good to go to sleep. I'll admit I haven't tried this away from the pool yet so I can't really comment on it's performance as a stand alone cleanser & toner, but if it's performed so well under those circumstances, I presume it'll cope brilliantly normally!

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