Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Bakewell Soap Company Luscious Lips Balm!

The Bakewell Soap Co Luscious Lips Balm £3.45*- I was extremely lucky to receive this lip balm in my goody bag from the East Midlands Blogger Meet all the way back in 2013 and It has been consistently my favourite lip balm ever since. I cannot stand lip products that taste too strongly of something as a. I'll just lick it all off and b. they should be focusing on the product. This has a teeny tiny taste to it and a lovely apple smell. But more importantly, it works so well. I wanted to bring you this review at the end of winter (I hope, hurry up spring) so that I could let you know how it kept my lips through the harsher months. I suffer really badly with chapped lips, they don't get red and sore but they are constantly dry and no matter what product I use or how much I use it, they never get any better. I worry about wearing lipstick the night before as they always look terrible... This saved me. I still have to remember to use it well in advance and keep up with it and make my lips look their best but it really does work. Straight away my lips feel soft and smooth and for just £3.45 you really can't complain. This has not left my handbag since I got it, and now I have a new handbag you have to be pretty good to make the cut and even better to last so long! I've just seen that they do a Palma Violet one, you know what the next webpage I'll be heading to is.. See for yourself here.

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