Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Make-Up Collection

Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Make-Up Collection from £18 - Well I am well and truly throwing caution to my blogging schedule this week and I can't think of a better reason that to bring you the new Summer collection from Clarins. Themed around Brazil (how fitting ready for the World Cup in Rio) they are bringing us their fabulous Colours of Brazil collection. All Limited Edition, I'll start from the top and work my way down. The Colour of Brazil Quartet & Eyeliner Palette (£32) holds possibly the most beautiful Royal Blue Eyeliner I've ever laid eyes on and three great summery neutrals with a pop of coral that will look super sexy with a tan. Not only does the Summer Bronzing Palette (£30) look beautiful with the collection's themed print, it's said to smell gorgeous too, getting us ready for basking in the sun before the rays have even touched our skin. Sweep this over your cheek bones for an instantly enviable glow. The Lip Balm Crayons (£18) come in 6 shades, here I've shown my favourites, mypink that reacts to the pH in your lips to create your own unique shade, and Sweet Cherry which looks like a beautiful yet subtle coral/red perfect for evenings in the setting sunshine. Last but by no means least, the Truly Waterproof Mascara (£21) promises to not only protect your Mascara from spoiling due to salt water or chlorine, but also nourish and condition your lashes at the same time - double whammy! I personally cannot wait to get my hands on some (if not all) of this collection, never has a Limited Edition Make-Up Collection made me so darn excited for Summer, or at least for May, when these beauties will all be released!

*Photos courtesy of Clarins UK

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