Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeover Monday #6

Have you seen any of these annoying photos popping up on your twitter, Facebook or Instagram? I'm sorry if it's annoying you but it's all in aid of my 6th Makeover Monday. After reading the amazing Laura's post about how far she's come I no longer had any reason not to sign up for the race for life. I've always wanted to do it but thought it was far too out of my comfort zone. However a mixture of the inspiration from Laura and the fact that we lost my Partner's dear Nannie to cancer earlier in the year made me throw caution to the wind and just bloody well sign up. I can learn how to run later.

Do you know what? I've not regretted it once. Admittedly every-day I ask my boyfriend if it'spossible for me to complete it but every day he reassures me that I'll get there. I've now got 7 weeks left to train.

If you want to view my page then please click here. And please, please, please do dig deep. You can text BCKA50 and £1, £2, £3, £10 however much you can spare to 70070 to make your donation. It's tragic that we all know someone who has been affected by the dreaded "c word" and if you don't then think yourself an extremely lucky individual. Every single penny counts and I'd love to smash my £100 target. If all of my bloglovin followers donated just £1 then I'd raise nearly £800, I know that won't happen but even a small portion of that would mean so much to me.

Every time I get another donation it spurs me on to keep going, to run that little long and to train that little bit harder.

I'm also donating all of the money that I get from my advertising from now until the race, and not only will all of that money for to Cancer Research, I'm going to double it. So that's a possible £51 more if you sign up for my advertising between now and June.

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