Wednesday, 30 April 2014

MUA Ever After Matte Palette

MUA Ever After Matte Palette £4 - When will MUA cease to impress me and totally blow me away? never I hope. I am the world's biggest fan of matte eyeshadows, I always always always have a dewy base so something shimmery eyeshadows just look far too much. Yes occasionally a palette will have a few matte eyeshadows thrown in there for good measure but usually the range is extremely limited. This caught my eye when I was out on a recent shopping spree and I didn't even look at the price-tag before picking it up (although at a mere £4 that wasn't exactly a problem!) Does this remind anyone else of the much hailed and hard to find Lorac Pro Palette? As soon as I saw it I thought it resembled it so much it may be worthy of a dupe status! This is my new every-single-blooming-day palette. I cannot get enough of it, there's a colour in there that will match up to my eyebrows to fill those in as well as a huge array to take me from desk to dinner-date. MUA, you've only gone and done it again!

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