Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nottingham Blogger Meet Goodie Bag

So yesterday when I was looking through what posts I had scheduled something strange caught my eye, a little "(1)" in my drafts box, I never write drafts, posts are kept in a notebook until they are written and then immediately scheduled. Low and behold it was my post on the #NottsBloggerMeet Goody Bag! Apologies to any who have been waiting for this and sorry that it's so late! We were so super lucky to have so many great brands contribute to our goody bags that they bags themselves actually broke because they were so heavy! If I haven't already then I will be reviewing each and every one of these items individually over the upcoming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those too! 

If you attended the meet up and have any posts or reviews about the products in the goody bags then do remember to send me the link and I'll pass them on for you!

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