Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Skinade Competition!

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Have you heard of Skinade yet? It seems to be taking my twitter and instagram feed by storm with celebrities and bloggers alike all raving about it! It's essentially a drink with the theory behind it that it gives you better skin from within. I totally buy into it, for the pure fact that when I drink more water, my skin looks far better than when I'm dehydrated by plastering almost hundreds of pounds of make up onto it. I really do think that you have to work from the inside out and Skinade is exactly that. It has no artificial colours or ingredients (tick and tick) and it has less than 35 calories per bottle (double tick!).
The wonderful people over at Skinade are currently offering all of you guys the chance to win 30 days supply of Skinade products, that's an equivalent of £90, all that you have to do is click Here and fill in their survey to be in with your chance of winning! Good luck guys!

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