Friday, 16 May 2014

CITSII Supplements

CITSII Purify & Curb It Supplements £19.99 & £17.99 - This week has definitely had a theme to it and that has been supplements. As I said in my previous post I used to be so dubious of them and would rarely entertain them. After reading the amazing effects that these had on a friend of mine I decided to take the plunge, my main issue with losing weight is my portion control, I never seem to be full and even if I am it's only half an hour before I'm thinking about food again. I also felt, for the first time in my life, like I needed a detox. I don't particularly abuse my body, I don't smoke or drink and I exercise fairly regularly (extremely regularly now) however after eating whatever I wanted when I wanted under a number of different excuses, I just wanted to rid my body of any toxins that may have built up. Of the two, I've already recommend that a number of people purchase the Curb It as I can really tell a different when I take these, I went from eating two meals a day that were larger than my then-boyfriends to being able to survive on two apples, a cuppa soup and then a salad for my tea. I also find that I don't need to take them everyday either, if I take them monday-friday then my appetite won't return until later the next week. Perfect for making them last a little longer! The Purify I'm not so sold on, maybe I didn't really need to detox? Maybe it's meant more for if you're bloated and I'm not particularly? But I just didn't notice a huge change, a combination of taking all three of supplements that I've mentioned this week did make me feel brighter, more alert, more focused and just generally healthier.

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