Monday, 12 May 2014

Makeover Monday #9

 Supplements. Something that I never thought I'd get into, but after reading a blog post on how much they helped one of my friends I just had to give them a try. I tend to take them for a week religiously and then forget about them but during that week I can really feel all of the above working. I'm not going to go into the ingredients or the science behind them because I quite frankly don't understand it and I'd hate to relay something incorrectly. All that you need to know is that they worked for me, for me being the optimum part of that. I'll start at the top with the MitoQ Anti-Oxident Capsules, you take two of these when you wake up and they help to detoxify and fight off any baddies. Throughout my time of taking these my entire workplace fell ill with pretty much the same flu/cold and almost all of them had to have time off, I'm usually the first to catch anything and be out for ages but I didn't even get the sniffles. I can only put that down to these as if anything I pushed my body harder by hitting the gym during that time.

Next up are the two from CITSII, Firstly the Curb It's, these are essentially appetite suppressants and again, for me I think that they really worked. I went from having much larger portions than my boyfriend and never ever really feeling full, to being able to go a whole day on two apples and a cuppa soup. I've stopped taking these for the last week and my portions are creeping back up so I'd say you need to give these time to work if you want long term results. Next are the Purify, which are for detoxing. Even now I'm trying to be healthy I still have the occasional binge and I'm never really that good with what I eat so these are essential for me. They just make my body feel, well, purer.

Stay tuned as this week's blog posts will be 100% dedicated to these, hence my being brief now.

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