Wednesday, 11 June 2014

AVIENDO natural Anti-Pollution Face Cream & Serum

Aviendo Natural Anti-Pollution Face Cream & Serum - I was lucky enough to win these two beauties and a whole stash of samples in a twitter competition and at the time I had an abundance of products that needed using up so these were swiftly put into my sample drawer. When I was rummaging around to pack for my recent trip to Denmark, I came back across these and, although they didn't quite make the cut for the trip (purely due to size) I have been loving them since I got back. They are, after all, made by a Danish company. The Anti-Pollution part strangely spoke to me, as you may well know, I am a country girl through and through, Nottingham is my largest city and only in the last 2 years have I been comfortable travelling there on my own. Since getting into beauty blogging I've also become very aware of how the environment around you can effect your skin and beauty regime. I love the crisp, clean air that surrounds me here in the heart of rural Lincolnshire and therefore as soon as I book a trip to London, Birmingham or even Nottingham, I start thinking about all of the pollution that's going to be there. I can't tell you exactly how these products protect your skin from pollution, Aviendo themselves say "Ginseng and wheat extracts give you protection against daily exposure to air pollution." however my Science is too rusty to know whether that's true or not. All I know is that they make me feel better and teamed with a pore cleansing strip and a good face mask, these make me feel like I've really protected and cleaned my skin after a day in a busy city. 

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