Friday, 20 June 2014

Clinique Colour Surge Soft Shimmer Palette

 Clinique Colour Surge Soft Shimmer Palette - Does anyone else have items in their make up collection that you can't remember when you acquired them or how? They've just always been there and usually been pretty neglected. This Clinique Eyeshadow palette is one of those items for me but last year I dug it out for the first time and now it's a fairly regular appearance in my everyday make up routine. The colour are slightly softer than they've come up on the photos and not the most pigmented I've ever used, but they blend together beautifully to create the perfect amount of colour for a day at work. With a good primer they'll last all day too with minimal touching up (although I do tend to use the more neutral shades). It's also got everything that you could possibly need in an eyeshadow palette, with the lightest shade being perfect for the inner corner for that brightening touch, to the taupe shade for an all over the lid colour if you're in a rush, however if you have a little more time and are looking for a little bit more "oomph" that day, you can also use the berry and purple shades to create a little more drama. If I'm travelling then this palette is usually a winner for me as it's super small and sleek and still delivers time after time. 

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