Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions* £99 - Hair Extensions are always something that I've toyed with but never really made the investment. I've had cheaper versions from eBay in the past and they've never usually lasted a whole night due to them just  being so darn uncomfortable. When I was offered the chance to try these I was a touch apprehensive at first because how can you ever choose the correct colour over the internet? And will I ever actually have time to use them? Firstly, they have a dedicated team to match up your colour from photos, however I would say to go with your gut and be honest if you think they may be going for the wrong colour, my hair looks so different from photo to photo and what arrived on my doorstep was far too light. However I did say that I'd be going lighter for the summer so it was possibly my fault, they are also way lighter than they've come up in the photos, but the colour match to their website is pretty good. They're so so easy to style too, which is a big thing for me as there's nothing worse than trying to curl your extensions and them falling out mid process. They look so natural and feel absolutely amazing. The main hairpiece is a quad weft too which means less clips and far less faff, something that will definitely make me reach for these more often.  

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