Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Neal & Wolf Super Shine Spray

Neal & Wolf Super Shine Spray £9.50 - I always look at other people's shiny hair and immediately get hair envy, as soft and healthy as mine gets, it never really shines unless I dye it darker and I'm done with my black hair days. Anything that gives me a helping hand to get a little extra shine is a winner to me and Neal & Wolf are one of my all time favourite haircare brands. When this appeared in a beauty box of mine a few months ago I was immediately drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Now whenever I'm going out or I'm wearing my hair down I give a few spritz's of this over the finished look and it immediately looks glossier and more healthy. I find that when my hair is blonde it's super hard to notice a shine myself but both my Mum and Lee commented that it looked good when I had this in. It's is a much more expensive version of my Schwarkopf Shine Tonic so I will now reserve it for special occasions. It's also sulphate free which makes it a slightly bigger winner in my book!

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