Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tanatomicals Wash Off Bronzing Glitter Gel

Tanatomicals Wash Off Bronzing Glitter Gel - Here it goes with another negative review, look away now if you don't like them because I don't like this product. First up, the name, Girls who wear glitter do not look fitter. For one, I feel like it's a touch mean towards my paler ladies out there and secondly, who on earth wants to be glittery?! I'm not half human, half unicorn. I haven't really wanted glittery legs or arms since a Primary School Disco and even then I think my mum warned me against it! Tanatomicals as a brand are good, their names are quirky (even if I do find this one has crossed a line) and their products are for the most part quite good. But this was just all wrong for me. It has a hint of tan in it but it very much all about the glitter and the tan part itself is rather orange. I tried this over my readily fake tanned legs and had to wash it off before I went out. Yup stock up for your 11 year old daughters but please, this really isn't for me as a grown adult. I'm not a barbie doll and I don't want to look like hybrid with a fairy. 

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