Monday, 16 June 2014

The Bluebeards Revenge...

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Solution & Cooling Moisturiser - Shit Panic, Father's Day was yesterday and you forgot and have no idea what to buy! Don't worry - I've got it. Sorry for the dramatic looking title, I got halfway through writing a proper one and thought that looked far too cool to pass up. Ever since becoming a beauty blogger my previously well groomed and perfect skinned boyfriend suddenly has dry cheeks, and oily forehead and clogged pores. I know, I know, I sound terrible and picky but it's true and whilst I don't love him any less or actually think that he looks any less handsome, I do always try and handily leave some of my products around in the hope that he'll use them himself. When one of my beautiful blogger friends offered me the chance to review these for Father's Day, I kindly explained that whilst I could offer that angle, I'd certainly get Lee to have a look and share his thoughts. He's only done a few wet shaves since then but usually he'd get a lot of little red bumps and an outbreak of itchy spots, however using the Shaving Solution soothed his skin and made the whole process a little more comfortable. I can also tell instantly if he's been using the moisturiser as his skin looks clearer, more balanced and a lot nicer. He's not so convinced but as long as his stubble is in place and his eyes haven't fallen out of his head, he wouldn't tell the difference anyway...

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