Monday, 30 June 2014

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

MAC Lipsticks £15 - In the space of 1 whole month my entire MAC Collection has gone from a grand total of 1 to now 14. Whilst that might seem like a great acquisition, it has left me a little flabbergasted each day about which to wear. Too much choice you may say, so I thought that I would bring to you (and possibly myself) my top 5. From left to right we have, Speed Dial, Creme Cup, Lustering, Costa Chic and All Fired Up, a mixture of all different finishes and types but all beautiful in their own way. Speed Dial is a flirty and fun pink/nude that gives a definition of colour without being too bold and overpowering for a work situation. Creme Cup is my go to colour for a day in the office as it's a beautiful nude colour that works with every outfit. Lustering is a great colour for a day out with my other half, not too bold and shocking that he won't kiss me for fear of being imprinted on but definitely there and definitely pretty. Costa Chic is going to be my go-to for all of the shows and events we'll no doubt attend this year, it looks great with a tan really makes me feel summery. The only one that may not get too much wear for a little while is All Fired Up, my darkest and possibly most bold colour of the bunch and the only Matte offering that I currently own, for me it's a date night lipstick more suited to winter time, but still a firm favourite. I won't bore you with the things we all know about MAC lipsticks, their amazing wear, their ease to apply and their versatile colour offerings. I just wanted to let you know which ones are my favourites - and why I love them! Do you think I'm missing any?

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