Sunday, 13 July 2014

#Haveyoudiscovered Storage Ideas!

Glossybox Storage - The age old problem of having too much make up and nowhere to store it is one that all of us bloggers can relate to. I can remember the much simpler days when my entire makeup collection fit into one make up bag and now, I've just bought and entire 5 drawer unit to fit it all into. I can't afford any fancy storage boxes (which are surprisingly more expensive that you'd think) or dividers to separate all of my cosmetic goodies so I've gone for a much cheaper and more thrifty option. My old beauty boxes, a mixture of Glossybox & Birchbox with the occasion old purse box thrown in for my palettes and although I've had to do a blogsale because even that was over flowing, it keeps everything neat and tidy in it's place and I never had to rummage for long. What's more is they haven't really cost me a penny, I've not had to repurchase any more since I ended my subscription to Glossybox as the amount that I have suits me fine however I do store my excess Birchbox's just incase they begin to overflow. Nothing feels better than a neat and organised beauty drawer - right?

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