Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sleek Pout Paint

Sleek Pout Paint £4.99 - I have a sneaky feeling that these may have been discontinued? If that's the case then I'm super sorry that I'm about a year late with this. I got this in a beauty box last year and boy did I not read the packaging properly when it said it was pigmented. Just look at that swatch above. It is completely opaque and dries super fast into a matte look that lasts forever, and ever, and ever. It is super hard to get off to the point that I had to scrub that swatch off of my hand until it went bright red! These are meant to be mixed together to create your own perfect colour, which to me is a fab idea as we all have our own ideas of what colour we want. It also means that by buying just two of these little babies you can create a multitude of different looks and colours. Bazinga. These should definitely come with a warning of how bright they are as Lee nearly died laughing when I popped this on for a "splash of colour" before running off to work, only to look in a mirror and be flabbergasted and then horrified to learn that I had to face a full day at work with minimal make up apart from bright bold pink lips! I really hope that these aren't discontinued so if you find them anywhere please do let me know!

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