Friday, 22 August 2014

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream* £22.50 - I always seem to be on the hunt for a new day moisturiser, every morning I look through my stash wondering which one to go for that day and I've never found my holy grail. I was sent this along with it's Night Cream partner a few months ago now and admittedly have only used it ad-hoc since. Unfortunately, there's a reason for that. It does what it needs to do and on a no-make-up day it's perfect, however I find if I'm getting ready to either go out or go to work, then this is far too thick and takes too long to sink into my skin. I have a little routine in the morning, I do my skincare, walk into my room and apply my moisturiser, it then has from that moment until I'm dressed and have done my hair, to have soaked in. Although that may sound like a long time it's realistically 10 minutes max, but I still expect my moisturiser to have sinked in and my skin be ready for foundation by that point. This just doesn't, on the mornings that I have given it a go before work I find that I'm dithering around trying to find other things to do whilst my face still feels wet. For the £22.50 price tag I would expect a cream specifically designed for the day to perform a little better. In it's defence it probably is because it's so richly pact with ingredients and as I said earlier, on a no-make-up-day I do like to opt for this as once it's finally soaked in my skin does feel phenomenal. Unfortunately however, I'm always in a rush and my quest for a high performance yet quick drying everyday moisturiser continues...

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