Thursday, 21 August 2014

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick £4.49 -  First up an apology that this is so used and gross looking when I took a photo, I though that I had taken one but can't find it now for the life of me! I just couldn't wait any longer to use this product so had to crack on and enjoy it. I'll start by advising you to swatch these in the shop before you buy them, the colour indicator on the end of the pencil makes this look as though it's a bronze colour however it's much more pewter and lighter once it's swatched onto the hand and possibly even more so once on the lid. This is my new go-to eye product for work as it's so easy to apply it all over my lid and then blend it out with a soft MAC 217 brush to create a simple daytime smokeyish eye look. The colour range is pretty good for these too and there's many more that I'm wanting to add to my collection. When they're first applied they go on really quite shimmery however after a while that does wear off, without a primer they can gather in the crease after a while however it's not a massive issue and it's really noticeable unless you're looking for it. I want to get another one so that I can try blending them together as the formulation is so soft that they blend on their own super well so I can only imagine what they'd be like together. 

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