Friday, 15 August 2014

Sephora Double Duty Exfoliator & Mask

Sephora Double Duty Exfoliator & Mask - I feel a tiny bit mean reviewing and blogging about a product that we can't currently get our mitts on in this country however I felt like I had to tell you about it and hey, it's one of only two Sephora things I own! It's a face mask and exfoliator all in one, or each on it's own if you'd prefer! It feels light and fresh as a mask and the idea is that instead of simply washing it off, you wet your face and scrub it as an exfoliator whilst you remove it. I've tried it as a mask with and without exfoliating afterwards and both ways my skin felt super smooth and renewed. As it says on the tube "have it all"! It wasn't overly expensive though however I can't remember the exact exchange rate as I bought this back in May when I was in Copenhagen and the exchange rate for Krone is a bit crazy. The other thing that I love about this mask is that it doesn't have to be left on for too long, 10 minutes maximum but if you want to leave it on for longer then it doesn't dry out or go gross like some non-clay masks do. I like to have the freedom to wear a mask for as long as I want to as I like to really enjoy my pamper session, and other times I'm in a rush and need something to work super fast. Using this twice a week for four weeks really helped to clear my skin up and make it look brighter and gave me a more even skin tone. The only thing I haven't tried is it as an exfoliator as it's own so I'll have to report back on that one.

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