Friday, 29 August 2014

Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive

Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive* £6.49 - Back in April/May time I was very kindly sent some false eyelashes and this Adhesive from Ultrabond as part of the Ultrabond challenge to keep your lashes on for the duration on a bank holiday. For me it didn't quite work out that long but that was because I got irritated by the feeling of false lashes after around 36 hours, I like to feel quite natural, especially when I'm sleeping. One thing that I didn't want to miss out on though, was telling you all how great the glue actually is. It goes tacky enough to apply your lashes within a few seconds yet doesn't completely set for about a minute after so you can faff around getting them in place really easily. It also dries completely clear so if you're a touch messier like I am then it's not glaringly obvious. I think if you have the patience and can stand wearing false eyelashes for a long period of time then this will totally last you an entire weekend too. I also like this over the small little pots that you get (not namely because I always lose them) but also because you can get a little extra out of this to do any touch ups you may need after the first day or two. I've never had lash adhesive that didn't come with the false lashes themselves and now I always opt for this over the stuff that's included. 

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