Friday, 6 February 2015

Fitness Friday #1

Good Morning you lovely lot,

Do you feel like doing something that scares you today? I obviously do as you'll see when you scroll on down there are the most shameful photos of myself I have ever seen, excuse the lack of editing but I hope you understand my not wanting to stare at them for too long. But, that just means that they're doing their job and although I am all for body confidence, it's something that I haven't had in a long time now and with my sister's wedding looming over me and a rather handsome boyfriend, 2015 has officially become the year of transformation for Miss Shepherd...

I'm not sure if I'll do these every week yet, to tell you the truth this is only my second post of the New Year and I'm not 100% certain how often I'll be able to post anymore but I am keen to update you all on my progress and hopefully have some of you join in too!

So probably first and foremost, what are my goals? 
9 and 1/2 stone

Dress Size
10 (comfortably)

And where am I starting from?
10 stone 3

Dress Size
10 (uncomfortably) / 12

Not a massive amount I know but I've already lost nearly two stone since January 2014 and I want it to be achievable. I also don't want to pressure myself to lose masses each week as I know that it can be difficult to maintain weightloss.

How will I achieve it?
Using the Myfitnesspal app I'm just keeping check of what I'm eating, I don't honestly believe in fad diets and I'm a ridiculously fussy eater so they're always impossible for me to follow. I'm also just being a bit more careful, I now know how long I have to be on a treadmill to burn off a kitkat so in my eyes, it's just not worth it. I'm also being mindful of how many carbs I'm consuming, they're a big part of my diet usually and that's probably why I constantly look bloated.

Obviously the other half of the story has to be exercise, I always tend to go for broke for a week or two and then burn myself out so this time I'm determined to find a routine that works for me. I'll go into my regime in more depth in another post but I'm trying to keep it varied and balanced and actually do things that will work rather than what's easy.

Now for the scary part...

Photo Evidence. These were taken on Monday morning, I've decided not to take my measurements too, probably because I'm too scared. But I hope that I will continue to take such photos once a month to see how I'm doing!


So that's me now, although I can squeeze myself into my old size 10 clothes, they aren't comfortable and they certainly don't look right. I hadn't realised how bad it had got until I saw myself in a photograph in an outfit I used to wear all of the time and noticed the difference. My legs are chunkier, theres a definite muffin top creeping its way in there and if anyone finds my abs, could you kindly send them back?

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