Friday, 20 February 2015

Fitness Friday #3

Look at me keeping up three instalments of the same thing! This week I thought I'd let you know what I generally eat on a day to day basis. Like my workout regime, it's not particularly varied as I'm a really fussy eater so my "healthy" options are quite limited, however I've surprised myself with how full I've felt so it's definitely working.

Chocolate Readybrek (told you I was fussy)
1 pint of squash

Grilled Salmon/Chicken
1 sachet salad cream
1 chopped up apple
3 Rye Crackers
Cheddar Cheese

Dinner is where I possibly fall down, living with my Grandma she can get offended if I don't eat what she's cooked for me but here's some things that I will typically eat!
1 tin spaghetti & cheese
Cauliflower Cheese & Boiled Potatoes
Plain Pasta & Grilled Chicken
Fish Pie
Spaghetti Carbonara

As I said, dinner is definitely the worst meal of the day for me but I have limited funds (and inclination) to create dishes so I tend to go with cheap & cheerful (pasta) or what my grandma's cooked for us (fish pie, cauliflower cheese)

Besides, you need some treats along the way!

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