Friday, 27 February 2015

Fitness Friday #4

Renew Life First Cleanse* - When I was first offered the chance to try out a cleanse, I'll admit I was dubious, they always seem like quick fixes to lose weight fast and then put it all back on again. I also do not like juices, or smoothies, so when I realised they were capsules I jumped at the chance to find them. I tried out the Mito Q Anti-Oxidant Supplements a while ago and honestly loved them so I was super excited for these to arrive. I'll admit they are a lot larger in size than the Mito-Q which put me off a little as I'm useless at swallowing tablets but once you get used to them, it's not a problem. As with anything of this sort, you don't see results straight away, and anything I have noticed has been slight, for example I was struck down with an almighty cold that would have usually ruined my weekend and probably put me out of action for a week, however I was able to go about my Valentine's weekend as planned. Of course part of this Fitness Friday series is about my weightloss, which I'm not sure whether or not this has helped with. There's been so many other factors that should have contributed also, however a lot of my friends have also started strict diets recently and have struggled to adapt to the new way of eating, whereas I seem to have coped extremely well to the adjustment. I do feel as though they've perked me and my insides up through a normally bleak and bloated February so they've definitely done the job. They're only meant to be used once a year so in that case, they've done their job, I think I'll have to purchase another set next Christmas ready for 2016!

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