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Becki The Explorer | Guest Post

Hi Guys! 
Welcome to the first post of my Guest Post series, today I'm lucky enough to have the lovely Becki from The Explorer, if you like a mixture of restaurants and adventures, then she's your lady! If you'd like to take part yourself and share your work as well as some love for other bloggers then either read the blogpost on my Guest Post Series or email me!

Over to Becki...

Okay, so I’ll start as I mean to go on; when I started blogging, like many, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I just wanted a platform that I could put my journey down onto and that I could look back on later with a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. I wanted a place to store my memories, and a blog seemed like the perfect place! After a month or so it stopped just being a platform to document my life on and started to become a bit of an obsession. I had rekindled an old flame in my love of writing and the challenge of photography stole my soul. 

But here’s the thing; when you start blogging there’s this thing that happens…this thing called statistics. You read about them on other blogs, blogs that tell you what to do and what not do on you blog type blogs. Clearly statistics are the most important part of blogging, surely that’s the reason we started our blogs…to become a two bit interweb celebrity?! Suddenly this overwhelming desire to see my stats go up erupted from nowhere I started to obsess, and I mean obsess, about the fact that the lack of stats was a reflection on my writing and photography skills, obviously.  

At this point I hadn’t quite found my way into the blogging community. I didn’t have a clue that Twitter was the way forward in communicating with other bloggers, and in all honesty I didn’t realise what kind of network there was out there. Though the blogging community is big it’s kind of like Narnia; you don’t really know it’s there until you fall into it. So, my obsession with statistics had no direction to go in and I ended up in a total tailspin, leaving me to – in a tear stained, desperate state – reach out to another blogger. A blogger I had found by accident, she was the sole blogger on my twitter feed. I was reaching out to a person, an actual human who, in my head, could have been an old man sat in a sweaty vest leering over young girls (this was obviously not the case as I do not live in an episode of CSI), and who had every potential to knock me down. 

It turns out everything was fine! Sophia was very helpful, she explained to me about twitter chats, most prominently the #lbloggers chat, and that’s all I needed to move forward. Suddenly my eyes were opened to this whole new world of bloggers, nice bloggers, kind bloggers, helpful bloggers. I was instantly welcomed into the community and very quickly grounded from my stats storm. 

The blogging community is a strong, powerful and sometimes overwhelming. The helping and being supportive is the very backbone of it. There are people out there that actually do want to see/hear/read what you have to say, and they really do want your opinions too. Sometimes I get a bit despondent with it all; the blogging, the community, the chats….they all start to seem a little lack lustre and I start to disconnect a little. But it’s in these moments that the blogging community pulls me along and breathes fire back into me. 

Finding the blogging community really prevented me from losing my blog, it stopped me from hitting the giant delete button on it all, and whilst that bears no impact on the community itself, it has a great impact for me. And sometimes isn’t that all we need?

I love the fact that I am a blogger and I have blogger friends, even if I have never met them face to face. And, to show the love I want to say a big thank you to (and, tell you to go and read) these amazing blogger’s and their blogs: 

So to Sophia at Tattooed Tealady (link: ): thank you for being my first touch of kindness from the blogging world, 

to Kerri from Crumbs in the Bed (Link: ): thank you for being my touch of sanity in this sometimes crazy blogging world, 

and to Alex from On Serpentine Shores (link: ): thank you for keeping my head in the wanderlust clouds, giving me a touch of home, whilst keeping my feet firmly on the sandy ground. There are so many bloggers I want to mention but these three are my top three (but if you fancy being naughty with me take a look at Patisserie Makes Perfect (link:, My Name is Yeh (, and Gingerly Pale (Link: too!)

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