Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bobbi Brown Corrector | Review

Bobbi Brown Corrector £19 - Probably around a year ago now I had a crazy splurge in Nottingham and seemed to buy up everything that the counters had to offer me, having always struggled with my under eyes and hearing good things about what Bobbi Brown can do, I went and let the girl loose on my skin. Although on counter it looked fantastic, once I'd walked out my friend pointing out that it wasn't actually blended in very well, which I'm glad she noticed else I would have looked stupid for the rest of the day. I was convinced to buy both the corrector and the concealer it which cost me a small fortune and unfortunately for this little one, I don't think it was worth it. I do use the concealer, and my review on that is coming up next Thursday, however the corrector never really gets a look in. I'm vowing now to try it again and only use it with my ByTerry Touche Veloutee which will be much lighter on top, however when used with it's sister concealer, it's all too cakey under my eyes. I can feel the products sat there and if I do my usual powdering underneath (it feels very uncomfortable if I don't) then it just looks a mess. Less is definitely more in times like these. I will strive to use this up and give it another go, so look out for another review in the future if I change my mind on it. But I shan't be repurchasing, well done to the girl for convincing me enough on counter to purchase, however for £19 I expect a lot more than this delivers, unfortunately. 

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