Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range | Review

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range from £6.99 -  Remember back in October when I thought it would be a brilliant idea to cut all of my hair off? I do and I've regretted it since about October 15th, it's not that I don't like my hair short, I just really prefer it long and find it so much easier to style and wear the longer it is. I tried the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range a good few years ago when it was barely on the shelves 5 minutes before it sold out and honestly didn't really notice much difference, a month or so ago now I asked the faithful twitter friends what I should try to help my hair grow and there was a wave of people suggesting this to me so I thought I'd give it another whirl. Now, disclosure, I also only wash my hair once a week, have it tied up 5 or 6 days out of 7 and haven't actually had it coloured since December, but this is the first month that I've actually noticed that my hair has grown. If you look at this Instagram photo, you'll see that I compared my hair now to back in October and was actually really shocked at how long it's got. This time around I didn't bother with the mask as I don't really have the time and used to find the fact that it's in a tub a bit of a faff, so I went for the treatment spray instead as it's a lot less time consuming and far more convenient. My only downside of this product is that it is quite expensive for the amounts that you get and how quickly they all run out, luckily as I only wash my hair once a week they've still last me well over a month but I think if I were to wash my hair more often, I wouldn't be able to afford to buy them for any long period of time. I have a couple of other products that I want to try out next on my hair to see if they make a difference too so I guess it'll be interesting to see whether I still notice a difference in my rate of hair growth. Overall, I'm glad I made the investment to dip back into Lee Stafford and although I can't afford to keep it up all year round, I do think I'll keep coming back to it every now and then for a little boost. 

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