Monday, 23 March 2015

The Relationship Tag

Any of you who know me will know that J is a massive part of my life, I've always been a sucker for revolving my world around my other half and to be honest, it's not done me too badly so far. He's a massive influence on me and my life so this seems like a lovely way for you all to get to know us and him a bit more!

Where did you first meet?  
We met at our mutual workplace at the time, he was actually on a week's holiday but came in for some reason anyway and it was my first day so we were introduced quite formally and I've not been able to get him out of my head since. 

What was your first meeting like? 
It was awkward to say the least as we were being introduced by someone else and I think when you have that initial attraction it always feels a bit strange. I remember thinking I really wanted to get to know him more and spend time with him and apparently he thought I was really cute. Obviously we saw a lot of each other from then on and everyone knew that we liked each other. 

How long have you been together? 
About 8 months now, which isn't long but it's been very intense and once you know, you know. 

The first kiss? 
Haha, well. I was out at a meal when I text him to say I'd left my ex for him and I was all his so he asked what time I'd be leaving and we met in a layby near my house so that we could talk face to face. Not the most romantic of settings but I guess we couldn't even wait until the next day to actually be together. 

What is your favourite quality of his? 
How good he is for me, he is the ying to my yang and we fit each other like a jigsaw. He works so hard to build us a future and it's such an admiring quality to see in a man. 

What is your favourite physical feature? 
Probably his face, I can read him like a book and I love it when I catch him watching me doing something. His arms are lovely too and I always appreciate being snuggled up in them after a long week apart. 

What would be your ideal trip away as a couple? 
We went to Barcelona in January and it was just the right amount of history and shopping for us. I think we'll enjoy lots of city breaks in the future as we like to explore and see things and obviously, I like to shop. We'd just prefer it to be a touch warmer next time. 

Have you met his family? 
I haven't met his Dad's extended family yet but I've met everyone else (I think). They're all super down to earth and welcoming and have always made me feel 100% comfortable. 

Do you have plans together? 
I am a planner by heart so we certainly do. We're focusing on his career for the next few months but April is when we're really going to start house hunting for somewhere for us to rent and we're both pretty certain that we'd like to start a family sooner rather than later. 

What is your favourite memory together? 
This is so hard. We have so many. We love nothing more than cuddling up watching Breaking Bad together but are also a fan of walks around the lovely countryside that we live in. We've made quite a lot of memories together already with trips to London, the Seaside, Barcelona and all over Lincolnshire. The other weekend we had a lovely trip over to Nottingham to do some shopping and then on the Sunday we walked around Belton House before a lovely roast dinner back at home, which is quintessentially "us" and made me beam all weekend I was so content and happy. 

Let me know if you've done this tag too as I'm super nosey and love reading things like this! If you've got any other tags let me know too as they're so fun to do! 

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