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Blogging on a Budget

I know that these posts have been written a thousand times over in the past but I figured that A, we all have different ideas and I may think of something new and B, I too am blogging on a budget and this post is free to write so, there. We all have times in our lives where we need to prioritise or work to a stricter budget than we may like and I know that a lot of bloggers out there worry that their blog will fall by the wayside if they don't keep up with new products or constantly post fresh reviews. For me as a reader, I don't care when a product was launched, if I'm looking to buy it then I want to see reviews on it. I've recently repurchased Double Wear that I can't even tell you when it was released however I still want to see what my favourite bloggers think of it. Here are just some little things I have thought of to keep the momentum within my blog whilst saving some pennies.

1. Raid those drawers! - I personally have a review directory on my blog which has come in super handy when checking whether I've reviewed something in the past or not. Recently I went through all of my drawers and wrote a list of everything I own (it took a while) and I now have a list of all of the products I may have overlooked in the past just waiting to be reviewed. True, they may not be current releases but it's new to my blog.

2. Use up those samples - This is something I'm on the fence about doing yet, but I have numerous samples and testers of things, mainly foundations, that I feel confident I could review however I don't own the full-sized product to photograph. You could tackle this one of two ways - contact the company and ask for a press image (remember to credit this back to them!) or simply photograph the sample, some of them can be pretty enough themselves and people will always understand.

3. Have a catch up - Every now and then I love a good old chatty post on here, as if I'm meeting an old friend for coffee and I'm just filling you all in on what I've been up to. Not everything I do makes the blog for various reasons but sometimes, if I've been absent or noticeably more active, I like to do a post to say where I've been and why the change of pace. It helps readers to engage with you as a person and also may help them to understand any mysterious gaps in your blog.

4. Wishlists - Ah the coveted wishlist, I find these a little tiresome around Christmas time as they become every other post it would seem however for the rest of the year, I love to read them. There are so many that you could do too, skincare, makeup, homeware, fashion, the list is kind of endless and they are completely free to write. I am personally going to be doing some of these however still keep them spread out because I don't want my blog to become too samey, but even if it's a weekly feature it still gives people something new to read.

5. What's relevant - So recently I've become a bit of a fitness nut and surprise surprise, that's become a strong feature of my blog. Again, it's free (apart from my gym membership) and I have plenty of inspiration to write about it as it's such a big part of my life. If you're less active on your blog because of something else, say a new job or hobby that's not relevant to your current "theme" then change your theme! Okay Becka's Beauty Blog may not 100% fit in with Fitness Friday but this is my blog and it's 100% relevant to my life.

6. Favourites - I adore reading favourites posts, I know that they're mostly constricted to videos but I don't think that doing them as a blogpost is any less effective. I personally don't really have time to watch YouTube videos (unless it's the Sacconejolys) but I'm always super nosy as to what people have actually been using that month. And they're all products that you already own so - bonus!

7. Empties - Similar to above, I know that a lot of people really enjoy reading empties posts, they're products that someone has without a doubt loved for the past few weeks or months and I personally trust these more than an off the cuff review. Again, you already own all of the products, it's just a new way of blogging about them!

8. Tags  - These seem to have died down now for some reason but there's always some out there somewhere and a lot of people enjoy reading them. Again, they're free to write and some of them are super tricky to think of answers too! It's also a great way to spread the love as you usually tag other bloggers that you love to do the tag after you.

9. Invite guest posters - Especially useful if you're stuck because of time restraints, people are always looking for new platforms to publish on and I never struggle to find guest bloggers to feature on here. I love being able to share other people's work with my readers and sometimes they just give you the breathing space that you need.

10. Simple photo posts - My good friend Gemma does this weekly on her blog and I personally love it, just a simple post consisting of one photo to sum up her week/day. This time of year is beautiful outdoors and there are loads of places that you can go to for free and get some wonderful shots (even just using your phone). I love discovering new places and at this time of year I like nothing more than sitting and looking at beautiful pictures of sunny afternoons.

11. Routine Posts - Look at the last time you did a "everyday makeup" or "skincare" routine post, has anything changed since then? If so, rewrite it! My everyday routine is changing all of the time so there's a new post almost every month to be published there. People love to know the products that you're genuinely using day in day out.

12. Rewrite old posts - This is something that again, I'm still a tad on the fence about doing. I started this blog over two years ago when I was 20 years old, and it seems that I have developed a lot both as a person and as a writer in that time. Look back through your archives and maybe retry some of the products that you loved when you first started blogging, you possibly still own them (although you maybe shouldn't, we won't tell!) and it's refreshing to see how our opinions of things change over time. I know that I tried products that I thought were the bees knees when I first started blogging but after having my eyes opened to bigger and better things, my opinion has now changed. Or maybe you've tried to bigger and better and still prefer the original?

I know that some of this is rehashing old ideas from yonders ago but maybe some of it is new to you - they're all things that I'm going to try out doing over the coming months when I need to save and pay off debts and they're honestly all things that I would enjoy reading.

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