Thursday, 23 April 2015

Collection Deluxe Lipstick | Review

Collection Deluxe Lipstick £3.99 - I often take a little browse of the cheaper ranges when in Superdrug or Boots to see if I can find any dupes or new products. Take me back to the Becka I was a year ago and I barely ever bothered with lipstick, I feel like this very product was a game change for me in that respect. This shade is called Talulah and is a creamy rosey pink that gives just the right amount of colour to achieve a pretty look thats soft and subtle but most definitely there. It's a step up from a downright nude that just gives you a pretty pop of colour. The application and first impression of this lipstick is actually fantastic, it looks wonderful for the first half hour or so that you wear it. However it's staying power is, not surprisingly, a bit of a let down, I wore this for a job interview that lasted about an hour and whilst it was still around when I got out, it didn't last too much longer than that. I can't say I'll hold it against the product as with it's £3.99 price tag I wasn't expecting miracles. This summer I'm determined to find a high end version of this that will stay on so It'll be placed firmly in my handbag and brought out at every makeup counter until I find it's high end dupe. I still use this from time to time, usually when I'm just nipping over to J's house as to be honest, it doesn't matter if my lippy stays on very long or not (he's more than used to me wiping lipstick off as soon as I get to his because greeting your other half after a very long week without each other and then having dinner is a true test for any lipstick). If you maybe just want something for an easy makeup day or you're just popping to the shops, then this is perfect for you. It'll look lovely during a trip round tesco and you can save your Charlotte Tilbury's for grander events. 

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