Monday, 20 April 2015

New Home Wishlist | Living Room

'Tis the season for wish lists over on Becka's Beauty Blog, with our impending move a matter of weeks away now I'm very excited to be window shopping for anything & everything that I may want for our new home.

1. Tom Dixon London Scented Candle £55 - No room is finished until it has a luxurious candle within it and this rose gold offering caught my eye as soon as I hit the John Lewis website. Is it okay to build a colour theme around a candle? Of course it is!

2. LSA International Polka Vase £15 - Forcing myself to now fit into the rose gold colour theme, this vase will look beautiful with some white tulips or lilies in.

3. Newgate Bedside Alarm Clock £25 - Okay this is meant for a bedside but how cute will it look on a rustic country mantlepiece? I may be dreaming now slightly at the type of house our budget can achieve but will all my might it will be my idyllic country cottage no matter what.

4. Gallery Perfect Frame Set £55 - I'd love nothing more than a multi aperture arrangement on my wall, either in my living room or in the hall if it's big enough. Mismatching photo frames drives me mad and this would be beautiful to fill with photos of our ever evolving memories.

5. Wilson Large Rectangular Mirror £168 - I picture having a nice big mirror above any fireplace that we may have, it brings so much more light into a room and will make the room seem bigger.

6. Hamilton Marble Throw £70 - I never seem to be satisfied unless I'm snuggled underneath a blanket, I'd rather the room be cold just so I can sit under a blanket. They also look nice draped over a sofa.

7. Noah Curved Table Lamp £95 - Having the main light on in a living room makes me feel a bit uneasy, it should be a tranquil place and I can't stand bright lights when I'm trying to relax infant of the TV.

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