Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Olay Beauty Fluid | Review

Olay Beauty Fluid £4.99 - I have never found a moisturiser that has really changed the game for me, as someone with combination skin that can vary in just how dry it wants to be almost daily, nothing has ever grabbed me and made me think "I must repurchase you forever and ever". Unfortunately, neither has this one but it's more than done the job and it's seeming to last me forever and a day! It's for normal, dry or combination skin which suits my skin type down to the ground and it's managed to withstand the test of winter. My skin does go more dehydrated throughout winter and although it still suffered a bit, this generally kept it looking plump and moisturised. I actually purchased this on a total whim as it was all I could really find in my local tesco and I could not be bothered to go into town to boots and I have to say, I am really glad I took the chance on it. For only £4.99 it has lasted me a good 6 months so far (I do only use a large pea-sized drop a day) and it settles into my skin super quickly. I was worried it'd be a little thing on my dry areas with it being a fluid as opposed to a richer moisturiser but I find as long as I use a heavy duty night cream the evening before, my skin is just fine with this. Obviously it's more suited to my summer skin as I need less moisture during the warmer months. Will I repurchase? Maybe, if I'm too lazy to go into town again when this runs out. It's a brilliant one to have in my gym bag or at my boyfriends house as it's none offensive and not expensive, but I don't think my quest for the perfect moisturiser is over just yet. 

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