Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow Refill | Review

Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow Refill* £11 Each -  Shu Uemura is a brand that I had heard things about on the blogging grapevine but had never really come across myself, probably because I live in sleepy Lincolnshire where we don't get a lot of the more niche or luxury brands so I'd never been able to have a play on a counter anywhere. I'd heard a lot about their eyelash curlers but again, not so much about their makeup, but maybe that was because I knew it was nowhere near me? I'm not sure. However I was lucky enough to win a Dave Lacky competition last year and within it were these two beautiful eyeshadows, unfortunately I don't have anything to put them into and therefore they've been rendered fairly useless since my testing them out (I'm nowhere near careful enough to be able to use them regularly in their current state) however the product is seriously fantastic. I have Vermillion (left) and Beige (right) and although the burnt orange/red colour isn't something I would usually go for, Biege is a lovely neutral with a shimmer running through it that I could incorporate into a number of different looks. They're super creamy and blend like butter and last all day, the vibrancy of vermillion did wear off slightly towards the end of the day but with a heavy duty primer you should be absolutely fine. It's definitely made me more aware of the brand and as and when I next manage to go down to London I will certainly search out a counter to see what else they have to offer. 

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